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To educate and empower individuals to learn how to listen and honor their bodies ability and wisdom to a healthy lifestyle with ease and joy.


To create a safe and open space for individuals to learn how to feel seen, heard, and loved for who they are on their journey in health, happiness, and with their loved ones. 



To provide simple, practical, and efficient education and services to help individuals understand their bodies wisdom and next steps in health so they can live a loving lifestyle with ease and joy. 

Dr. David Stella

Owner & Director

Dr. David Stella

Owner & Director


Dr. David Stella has been contributing to health and wellness as a chiropractor specializing in energy medicine for over 22 years. He has studied under Dr. Robert Marshall, founder of PRlabs.com where he learned to muscle test the patients biofield and their meridian points based on Chinese Medicine. These are energy points of the body that correlate to organs and body systems. In our biofield, the body knows what is essential for it to thrive. Dr. Stella guides people into tapping into their own biofield, guiding them to start making wise choices on their path to wellness, based on what their body requires. Dr. David Stella has studied with Dr. Alberto Villaldo PH.D, a shaman and founder of The Four Winds (Thefourwinds.com). Dr. Stella has combined the wisdom of the Shamans with the neuroscience of today. He has experienced at age 55 a youthfulness and child like spirit through the techniques and passion he is teaching and sharing with all of those who are willing to receive and learn. His services focus around tapping into the biofield to create a health style that matches your lifestyle. He works alongside his lover Gina Pero, a master certified coach and teacher, who facilitates his patients and members through coaching and movement techniques. Dr. Stella sees patients in his office and remotely.


Gina Pero

High Performance Coach and Creative Strategic Planner

Gina Pero

Creative  director

Gina Pero is the director of The Las Vegas Holistic Center with a mission to create a safe and open space for people to have access to simple and efficient ways to feel happy and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. 

She is the Founder of The Peroettes, an Inspirational Speaker, ICF Master Certified Life Coach, and Certified Movement Specialist. She received a BFA from the University at Buffalo. Gina has been featured in numerous podcasts and media as a highly regarded leading expert, trainer & speaker. Due to Gina overcoming scoliosis as a teenager and becoming a professional dancer, a Radio City Rockette, and healing her own brain and spinal injury holistically, Gina’s expertise as a wellness educator adds a new kind of lifestyle in health, business, and career. Gina is passionate about empowering her staff and clients to live with with ease and confidence. She is grateful and honored to be contributing to the clients here at The Las Vegas Holistic Center. “In Sharing our gifts with the world, we become a maker of miracles.” 




Office Manager

Lily Echeverria is our chiropractic assistant and is in charge of overseeing our patient care. She has been with Dr. Stella for over 6 years. A mom of 4, Lily is dedicated to health and well-being, especially family happiness. She is a leader and demonstrates strength and love. 

Malia Stella

Social Media Manager

Malia is a lover of all things outdoors and pursuing her love of Dance, Yoga and Natural Environments into a career. Recently graduating SUU University, she found herself broadening her knowledge into Holistic Health and Healing. Malia chooses to live a conscious lifestyle and follow the path of love, light , and harmony.

Massage and Nutrition

Karen Turnbull

Licensed Massage Therapist(NVMT #10238)
Certified Nutrition Coach, SRT Stretch Therapist,
Reiki Practitioner