Flowpresso® is a systemic 3-in-1 sensory treatment that is a non-invasive natural therapy; Consisting of compression, far infrared heat and deep pressure therapy, that resets the body’s physiology to support healing and general health by providing a unique therapy to encourage the body to release toxins and promote its self-healing mechanisms, so it can restore balance and enhance overall health and wellbeing.

What is FLOWpresso Lymphatic Support?
FLOWpresso Lymphatic Support is a uniquely engineered therapeutic experience, clinically proven to improve sleep and reduce stress, positively impacting the quality of your life.

FLOWpresso operates through a comfortable and snug state-of-the-art bodysuit, applying revolutionary technology that combines three distinct therapies into one easy, efficient, and effective restorative treatment.

A Special Aspect of FLOWpresso:
A nano vibrational therapy disc is added to the FLOWpresso bodysuit, situated near the neck during your treatment. Much like heartbeats and breathing rates, which are examples of physiological rhythms that we can see, feel and measure. Nano vibrations are vibrations that work on a smaller scale, interacting with the foundations and functions of your body at a more refined level through electromagnetic energy waves. This type of therapy changes your energy waves on a fundamental and structural level without being invasive.

The FLOW Experience:
The FLOWpresso Lymphatic Support experience is like no other, and we want to explain to you what you can expect.

You are fully clothed at all times, and will be assisted by a trained technician who puts you into the suit. While lying horizontally, your feet, legs, abdomen and arms are enclosed by the suit. You’re given an eye mask to enhance the relaxing experience, which will last forty minutes so the suit can work it’s magic on you.

The three types of therapy are activated and you are left with all the benefits. The FLOWpresso experience is slightly different for every individual. While some say it helps them feel light and refreshed, others say it leaves them de-stressed, rested and more in-tune with their body.

Why Flowpresso!?


A session will typically last 40 minutes. Throughout your personalized journey is a fully trained FLOWpresso technician that will be guiding and assessing your needs, as well as adjusting programming so you can feel comfortable, relaxed and secure.
You can receive FLOWpresso therapy as often as twice a week, but we recommend you have a break of three days in between each session.

This will depend on the person and their reason for having FLOWpresso sessions.  For some, a series of six sessions is ideal to help them reach their wellness goals. For some, they desire to enjoy a monthly session for maintaining their optimal wellness state.

– Lying horizontally and fully clothed, the state-of-the-art bodysuit gently wraps your limbs, abdomen and feet. An eye mask and headphones can be added for extra ambience – As the session starts, you will feel a gentle squeezing sensation as the air chambers of the bodysuit inflate and deflate, moving from your feet towards your torso. This therapy encourages flow through your body by fostering a deep sense of tranquility. During treatment, you may experience clarity, mindfulness and relaxation or fall asleep in the FLOWpresso peacefulness.
Absolutely! Your FLOWpresso technician will work with you to find the perfect setting for you.

FLOWpresso has shown to:
– Improve the quality of your sleep and reduce stress

– Increase energy and overcome fatigue

– Promote mental alertness

– Reduce anxiety

– Improve self-esteem and minimize emotional responses

– Improve sports performance, recovery and endurance

– Enhance mobility and flexibility

– Support weight management

– Restore balance and support natural self-healing mechanisms

There are some conditions that FLOWpresso is not suitable for, these include:

– Acute inflammation in progress (for instance phlebitis and thrombosis)

– Heart disease, especially if increased blood flow is detrimental (ie: congestive heart failure or high blood pressure)

– Infection complications (e.g. ulcers)

– Pregnancy

– Back or hip issues, unless approved by a physician/doctor

– Broken bones or fractures

– Abdominal spinal curvature

– Congested Heart Failure

– Pacemaker or any electronic medical implants

– Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

– Acute/chronic bronchitis

– Hydrate well the day of your appointment (before and after)

– Take an Epsom salt bath or foot soak after the service

– By having several, regular sessions with FLOWpresso, it creates the opportunity to hone in on what your body needs to repair, rejuvenate and recover.

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success stories

Our most recent Customers success stories with FLOWPRESSO

I feel completely relaxed, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.


– S., Aged 60

I am a self-employed businessman, who over the period of COVID, started to struggle with my sleep and felt stressed as my workload increased significantly over this period. I now sleep all night and have a sense of peace I have not had for a long time.

– W., Businessman

I have used the Flowpresso® suit on and off over the last 3 years. Prior to the suits invention I had traditional lymphatic treatments which I still do but think the suit complements it well.

– J., CEO

FLOW Vibrate

The easiest yet most effective way to support your lymphatic system at home.

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