Flexible panels of red light wrap around the body to provide the cells with the light energy they need. The unique wavelengths of Red-Red360 stimulate cellular and mitochondrial energy, breaking down fat cells, and releasing their contents harmlessly into the bloodstream.

A Special Aspect

It uses all new LED microchips to deliver two specific wavelengths of light for slimming, collagen stimulation, and pain and healing. These have been shown to greatly enhance the body’s ability to heal itself, while reducing pain.

The Experience

These individual wraps can focus on specific parts of the body when needed.

Why red red 360!?


The unique light emitted from Ideal Light causes the fat cell membranes to temporarily alter the permeability of the cell wall. This brief change allows some of the fat contents to seep out to where it can then be processed by the body. After being released, the fat is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol and the contents are taken to the liver by the lymphatic system. Here the contents are either used or quickly eliminated by the body.
More simply – It helps your cells do their jobs better! It does this by knocking out stuck nitric oxide in the mitochondria of the cell so oxygen can get back in there and boom, you’ve got increased ATP production = more energy for the cell to do it’s job.

The vast-majority of people living in the modern world are suffering from chronic mal-illumination and don’t even realize it. And it has widespread effects on our brain and organ function, immune system, energy levels, mood, neurotransmitter balance, and hormone levels.
20-30 minutes

During the session, you will be placed lying down on a treatment table. Special pads will be positioned in strategic places on their body as they simply enjoy a relaxing 20-30 minute session.

Heat is customizable to each person’s tolerance and preference.
We recommend liver support after use as the liver is the ultimate filter in removing toxins. The Red-Red360 treatment is 100% non-invasive.

success stories


My go to recovery tool after my workouts. I can feel my joints mobilizing and muscles relaxing after 10min under the lights.

– S.M.

Dr. David Stella has the best holistic wellness center in Las Vegas, in my opinion. I left his office feeling refreshed and relaxed after a healing session. You should definitely visit if you’re in the area.

– A.R.

I wanted to experiment with red light therapy because i’m an avid gym rat and i’ve had skin issues (both acne, and more recently eczema) since i was a teenager. I’ve only had the RedRush 720 for a week or so but I’M ALREADY SEEING HUGE CHANGES IN MY SKIN. So far this device is helping my skin, energy, and overall well being.


– S. K.

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Safety And Inclusive
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