Here are the updates as of August 2023:


      1.  We have learned that to enhance your remote experience, receiving a current photo each week from you will be best. You will get a reminder to do so you do not have to remember on your own.

      2. For your new photo, you will need a headshot with space above your head and below your chin, blank background, no jewelry, and taken without makeup when you wake up or are going to bed. You will text your photo to our office line: 702-352-3021 (you no longer need to sign or write your birthday on your photo, super easy!)

• WHY? 

      As we know when you spend time in the EES in person or remotely, your DNA changes as you heal, so it’s important to bring the new you into the EES room each week.
*If you choose not to provide a new photo each week, don’t worry! We’ll keep your latest one.*


      Previous: digital system

      Current: printed photos weekly that go into a mylar bag. (This is a lot more behind the scenes work for us, however worth it to enhance all of our remote journey.


      – For those if you in the 2:30 hours a day, you will now be in our EESystem from 11am-1pm PT Mon-Fri with weekends off.

      – For those of you in 8 hours a day, you will be in 6 hours a day from 9am – 3pm PT, Mon-Fri, weekends off.

      – For those in the 20 hours, we will be messaging you privately.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr Stella has tested on these new hours and received guidance on this new approach. It is important that your body gets a break. If you have any questions or feeling anything different, as always, please message us right away.


      As of right now, pricing will remain the same, although our expenses went up. In September, for anyone new joining, not those of you already enrolled, pricing may change. Thank you for understanding.




      If at anytime, during the week you feel you need a break for a day or some hours, its now easy for us to pause you within minutes and then put you back in as you need.


      1. A library filled for members to access resources to enhance their life.

      2. A once a month zoom call ONLY for those in one of our Remote Programs.

      3. Special Guest Speakers coming soon.

      4. SRC4U: a new technology that Dr Stella invested in to enhance your experience. You will get more information soon.


What are your next actions to take?:

      1.- Please fill out this form as we request some new details from you, not all fields are required. 

       2.- Text us your new photo to our office ASAP +1 702-352-3021

       3.- Close your eyes and feel the gratitude for any and all loving things happening in your and your loved ones lives right now.

       4. If you are unaware of how many hours you are in, reply to this email and we will confirm for you.

If you have any questions or would like to know more details on these changes, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) page or reply to this email and we will be  happy to call you personally.

We honor you and we thank you for being a part of our community.

Waves of love!!!

In Health and Happiness,
Dr Stella, Gina, and LVHC Team