Perform A 3D Body Scan In Seconds Using Just A Simple Turntable And 3D Camera. In Only 35 Seconds, We Extract Millions Of Measurements With 2mm Accuracy And Reconstruct Your Body In 3D.


Styku Body Scanner is a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the way you understand your body. By utilizing state-of-the-art 3D imaging, Styku creates a precise digital model of your body, providing detailed measurements, body composition analysis, and tracking progress over time.

A Special Aspect

Precision Measurements: Our advanced technology ensures accurate and reliable body measurements, allowing you to track changes with unparalleled precision.

The Experience

Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis: Beyond simple measurements, Styku offers detailed insights into your body composition, including fat percentage, muscle mass, and more.
Visual Progress Tracking: With our intuitive interface, you can visualize your body’s transformation in 3D, empowering you to set and achieve your fitness goals effectively.

Why styku!?


The scan itself takes less than 60 seconds and the 3D image is processed in less than 2 minutes. Our STYKU appointments last for 30 minutes from start to finish, including an explanation of your results.

The frequency of sessions depends on your individual goals and progress. We recommend regular check-ins every 4-8 weeks to track changes effectively.

The number of sessions varies based on your goals and starting point. Many clients benefit from ongoing sessions to monitor progress and adjust their fitness strategies accordingly.

During a session, you will stand on the platform scale, for a quick and non-invasive scanning process, and results are produced in seconds. Followed by a consultation where we’ll discuss your results and provide personalized recommendations.

Within 2%
STYKU scans offer a simple and user-friendly way to assess body composition, with an accuracy rate that is generally within 2% of DEXA scans.

success stories


Dr. Stella was so in tune with me and my body, he truly knows his stuff! I will definitely be returning.

– K.P.

Amazing. Such a calm relaxing environment and the Doctor really knows his stuff extremely intelligent and helpful.

– K.R.

Very caring atmosphere. Dr. Stella is so spot on with his knowledge and ability to know just what you need. He imparts his suggestions in such a way you immediately feel able to go home and put them into practice.

– D.D.

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Safety And Inclusive
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