Wellness for dancers

Are you a peak performer who wants to be and feel their best onstage and off?

The Las Vegas holistic Center 
specializes in wellness
for dancers  and their families!

The Las Vegas Holistic Center specialized in wellness for dancers and their families from around the globe, whether you are a local or visiting we have holistic practitioners and technologies that help one’s body receive the energy it needs to functional optimally and efficiently.

The wellness center is not only a welcoming environment but an overall excellent experience. Being a dancer requires extra care for our minds and bodies, and the wellness center is the best place to go to get recharged in order to continue dancing. I noticed drastic improvements in my dancing after visiting the center and I wish I had gone sooner! I have no regrets taking time at the center for my mind and body and recommend dancers come and join in on the fun!!


Meet our team

Dr. David Stella

He has been contributing to health and wellness as a chiropractor specializing in energy medicine for over 22 years. He has studied under Dr. Robert Marshall, founder of PRlabs.com where..continue reading

Gina Pero

Gina Pero is the director of The Las Vegas Holistic Center with a mission to create a safe and open space for people to have access to simple and efficient ways to feel happy and healthy in mind, ..continue reading

Karen Turnbull

Licensed Massage Therapist(NVMT #10238)
Certified Nutrition Coach, SRT Stretch Therapist,
Reiki Practitioner


Dr David Stella and Gina Pero co-created The Las Vegas Holistic Center with a mission to educate, empower, and help energize individuals bodies so they have the ability to heal themselves to create an optimal life in mind body and spirit. 

Dr Stella’s daughter, Malia grew up in dance and competition, and then went to college for dance. As he watched her and the other dancers choose this lifestyle, he knew he would be able to contribute to the well being of dancers at some point. When he met his soul partner Gina Pero, who danced her entire life from dance studio, to dance competition, to dance convention, to dancing in college, and then dancing professionally, he knew the universe was encouraging his presence and purpose in the dance world. Little did he know, that when he met Gina, she had a mission to help dancers holistic health too. 

Gina had her own life-altering experiences throughout her dance journey which led her to the wisdom and knowledge she carries now to help others achieve an optimal mind body and soul. Both Dr David and Gina, have created a safe and loving space in Las Vegas where real results happen every day. They feel so blessed to be living their purpose together and LOVE being able to contribute to the dance community. Gina shares, “This is the kind of place I needed when I was dancing at every age. My parents would have definitely invested their time and money into something like this for me to feel optimal in my mind, body and especially my emotions for sure!” 

Whether you live here or you do not, we have something to offer you. Take it from Gina, who wished she would have had these tools she does now living her life as a dancer. 



To learn about the services we offer for dancers please take a look at each of them. Click and read!

I highly recommend the Las Vegas Holistic Center! My dancing daughter experienced a minor injury and through the efforts of the wellness center she was able to finish the week strong both mentally and physically. We are forever grateful to Dr Stella and Gina and look forward to visiting the center again this year!

– Heather and Ava LaFrance

“Your life is precious and your body needs you to honor it and fuel it with what it requires. Our body is a gift and as a dancer, it is our way of expressing our gifts with the world.
Check out what we offer below and make the call. Do it now, do not wait until you are in pain, or have a problem. YOU are worth it and we have quick and easy ways for you to feel aligned and in your body. We are so grateful you are here!

If you want to schedule a free 15 minute call with Gina Pero, our director and co-owner to speed up your process

We look forward to meeting you soon!

The wellness center helps my teen dancer rejuvenate her mind and body before, during or after convention/competition and helps motivate her to care for her whole self. The center helps me as a parent know someone cares for my dancer and helps teach her to take care of her mind and body. They are my trusted partner!

– Michael zweighart

The holistic center and Gina Pero have helped me tremendously in my life, especially in dance. the holistic center helps my body to heal and recover in a safe and loving environment while Pina Pero gives me the strength to love everything around me and learn how to be confident and calm under the pressure of dance. I’m so grateful for these amazing tools I have learned to guide me through my life.

– Shannon and Emma Mather

The holistic center and coaching with Gina has helped me as a dancer in numerous ways. It is a place for me to learn how to be calm my mind and my body and gives me a moment to relax from a very full schedule. Every person there is so welcoming. Gina teaches me ways to nourish my body, brain , and spirit which keeps me doing what I love , which is dance.

– Harper