The Wellness Pro Plus can help to improve the body’s immune system, diminish pain from many causes, balance the energy of the body and help with overall wellness.  The use of electricity to treat physical ailments is considered one of the oldest and most documented sciences known.
The WellnessPro Plus triggers our body’s natural wellness properties, with over a million frequencies to choose from. The WellnessPro Plus offers a treatment for numerous pain-related issues. By relieving pain, your body is able to stabilize and maintain a natural healthy energy flow that helps to create a state of physical and mental wellness.


Experience a breakthrough in pain relief with WellnessPro+®, a safe and effective bio-electrotherapy system that delivers microcurrents to relieve, chronic, intractable post-surgical or post traumatic acute pain, with the simple push of a button.

A Special Aspect

Stimulates the body using electrotherapy to block pain signals traveling up the spine to the brain and uses electricity and frequencies to aid in the treatment of chronic and acute pain conditions.

The Experience

Customer will sit and hold the two WellnessPro handles or place feet on the pads. Feet pads are used when focusing on the lower half of the body or when working with neuropathy. The device will be set to a specific code to best assist our customer needs. Slight tingling might be felt from hands or feet.

Why wellness pro!?


Each code is designed specifically for each customer. The length of the session and the level of frequencies will vary with each case.

Simple and fast-acting A 10 to 30-minute-session results in pain relief that can last for days or weeks. Targeted pain relief Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that affect the entire body, electrotherapy can be used to provide pain relief right at the site. Non-chemical, non-habit forming Electrotherapy is an all-natural alternative to chemical and addictive painkillers. Supports surgical recovery Electrotherapy aids in recovery of post-surgical discomfort or pain resulting from an injury

The Wellness Pro Plus instrument is for Wellness. It does not have any side effects. It is not toxic nor invasive. It is FDA cleared for any form of pain relief, acute, chronic or post operative. The Wellness Pro instrument is in perfect harmony with the new self-care model of natural health.

success stories

I have a lot of passion for the WellnessPro and I have a passion because it changed my life and I saved my legs. I fell off a 2 story building.

– B. H.

I didn’t want to live the rest of my life in a wheelchair. On my quest of finding some help out there, I came across the WellnessPro Plus. There was quite a bit of change. The swelling went down in my knees and my hands…and it worked!

– D. R., Systemic Lupus

Very caring atmosphere. Dr. Stella is so spot on with his knowledge and ability to know just what you need. He imparts his suggestions in such a way you immediately feel able to o home and put them into practice.
– D.D.

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Safety And Inclusive
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